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There’s been a lot of publicity about thieves breaking in using the “Bump” method.  Bumping can be very effective and fast.  All it takes is a key cut in a certain fashion, inserted in the keyway and bumped with a wooden block or hammer.  When you insert your key, the bottom pins all form a “shear line” so the cylinder will turn, unlocking the lock.  The top pins have tension with small springs and are all contined in the upper portion of the lock called the “bible”  Don’t ask me why, I never got the answer to that either.   What happens inside the lock is rattling the bottom pins and tops pins so they align with the shear line.  And, VOILA!  the lock is opened!

There are several locksets on the market that are manufactured to defeat picking and bumping.  Most common is the top pins called mushroom or spool pins.  Inside, they will wobble when the lock is being picked and will not allow perfect alignment for the pins to align with the shear line.

You really don’t have to go buy more locksets as mentioned, unless your locks are underachievers and need to be replaced with something stronger. (see previous blog entry)  You can call a locksmith and have the top pins replaced with the spool or mushroom type.  At the same time,  have them rekeyed since they are getting worked on anyway.  If you’re willing to put out some cash on your security, look into hardware made by Medeco for residential. If you like your hardware and can replace the lock cylinders, have your local locksmith replace the cylinders with the Primus brand that is high security and will not be bumped or picked.  The key blanks can only be supplied by the installing locksmith.  Food for thought.  Dish some back to me if you care too.

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