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Many people use the various “hide-a-key” products to store a spare key to their house or vehicle. An example of the low cost magnetic type is pictured here. They are very convenient and will secure a key under a fender, backside of a bumper or license plate. The trouble is………… the crooks also know where to look for them. All it takes is a quick sweep in these places for instant access and drive away with the vehicle.

There is a better, although more expensive way to store a spare key. One that stands out is the Supra
brand key safes. Most come with pushbuttons that can be programed by the user to any combination and changed as often as desired. If someone hits the wrong numbers, it will reset itself. For the average key safe, the cost is about $28.00. For the automotive style,about $45-$50 and comes with a rubber cover that protects it from the elements. It can also be mounted on the receiver hitch or other accessible location where it won’t interfere with the operation on the vehicle (i.e. tire clearance, etc.) This same style with or without the protective cover can be mounted on a wall or fence and store a key for entry into a building. Most of these will hold two or three keys depending on how bulky they are. It helps to have a standard key without the plastic or rubber heads (“bows”, in locksmith speak).

Another type of key holder is the statuary or “fake rock” that you can placed near the front door or in a planter. The trouble with most of these, they are obvious to the criminal of their purpose. If you really want one of these, try to get one that blends in and doesn’t say “I’ve got the key you’re looking for!” One of the best sayiings is “you get what you pay for”. Get something of quality to do the job. Cheap, is just asking for “just walk right in”.

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