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No matter how many employees your business has, there always seems to be a time when no one is minding the store, so to speak. You know the times when everyone is preoccupied with some aspect of their job and no one seems to be keeping an eye on the front door, the sales counter or, especially, the back door.

The thugs are just looking for opportunities where everyone’s attention is somewhere else rather than on the thief skulking through the back door and into the stockroom. Opportunities abound for a thug that is more alert than your employees. You know. An unattended cash register. The receptionist on break and no one covering for her. The “crew” out back unloading a truck. And in less time then it takes to think about, the thief has emptied the register, snatched a purse or two from the break room or walked out with an arm load of cigarettes!

One way to immediately direct your employees attention to the high risk, vulnerable areas of your establishment, and at the same time, let the would-be rip-off artist know that your business is not the pushover they think it is, is to install door annunciators.

Even though it is nearly impossible to have everyone exactly where they need to be at all times annunciators are a viable, effective security solution that will draw attention to the door no one is watching.

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